Thursday, January 27, 2011

Installation Instructions for Lee Shaver Supergrade Soule Sights

The Supergrade soule sight should come with the detent spring and one of the screws in place in the base with tape holding it in place. This is simply done so you will know which end of the base the spring goes on, which screw is to be used with that spring, and approximately how it all goes together.

You should first place the sight on your rifle, and install both mounting screws and the spring, and just snug them up a little.

Next it is important to level or at least check the level of the sight in relationship to the rifle, and make sure it is not leaning left or right when viewed from the rear. If the sight is tipped left or right due to machining tolerances of the sight or tang of the rifle it will cause you to use up some of your windage adjustment to get the sight zeroed, and will mean that you need to make a windage adjustment every time you adjust to a different elevation.

To check the sight for this possible tipping. You simply put the rifle in a padded vise or cleaning cradle, and using a small level, you level up the action of the rifle as true as you can, and then check the level of the sight. If it is not matching the action of the rifle then you need to take the sight loose and place thin shims un the side of the base it is tipping towards, and tighten the screws and check again till the sight stands level with the rifle.

The shims can be paper or steel. I use business card type paper cut to size and blackened with a magic marker.

Once you have the sight leveled left and right then you can set the angle for and aft. If you still have the screws just snug it is quite easy.

The detent spring has a slotted hole where the mounting screw goes through it. This slotted hole is used to adjust the angle at which the sight stands when it is clicked into the detent position.

I simply stand the staff up into the detent and then use a small punch and very small hammer to peck the spring for or aft till the staff stands at the location I want.

I usually set the staff straight up or perpendicular to the bore line for short and medium range shooting, and I set it leaning forward about three degrees for 1,000 yard shooting.

Hope this helps,

Lee Shaver


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  5. I have the Lee Schaver soule sight. When mounted on my Pedesole Quigley 45/110 the front and rear sights are 6 minutes to the right misaligned when checked with a sight light laser bore sighter. How would one correct this discrepancy?